9th of April 2021 Litter U 5 is born. Three males and six females.   Mom Nice Lions from D’Es and dad Crazy Boy from Various Canine are very proud of their puppies.


2nd of April 2021  Litter U 4 is born.

Two males and five females.

Mom Oeps Lions from D’Es and dad Crazy Boy From Various Canine are very proud on their puppies.                     


18th of March 2021 Litter U 3 is born. One male and two females.

Mom Raissa Lions from D’Es and dad Paco du Plateau Bavarois are very proud of their puppies.


Happy Von Titus Hof


Our Happy, always happy, small and fine but Oh so beautiful, always allert, our best watchman, dignified and very tolerant.


  1. DNA

  2. Hips

  3. Losh Fok

  4. Pedigree

  5. Teeth

  6. Social Behavior

  7. LPN1 N/N


Date Show Appreciation Place Judge Comment
14/02/2010 Ambiorixtrofee Excellent 3    
30/01/2010 Mouscron Very good 4    
21/06/2009 Lovanium Excellent 1    
13/04/2009 St. Romboutscup Very good      
04/04/2009 KV Brabo Good      
22/03/2009 Hopwinner Very good      
22/02/2009 Schaal der Kempen Good      
24/01/2009 Mouscron Very promising 4    
14/12/2008 Grote prijs van Limburg Very promising 2    
15/11/2008 Eurodogshow Kortrijk Very promising      
12/10/2008 Charleroi Very promising      
13/09/2008 Leonberger Clubshow Very promising 2    
24/08/2008 St. Romboutscup Very promising 2    
03/08/2008 Lovaniumtrofee Very promising 2