9th of April 2021 Litter U 5 is born. Three males and six females.   Mom Nice Lions from D’Es and dad Crazy Boy from Various Canine are very proud of their puppies.


2nd of April 2021  Litter U 4 is born.

Two males and five females.

Mom Oeps Lions from D’Es and dad Crazy Boy From Various Canine are very proud on their puppies.                     


18th of March 2021 Litter U 3 is born. One male and two females.

Mom Raissa Lions from D’Es and dad Paco du Plateau Bavarois are very proud of their puppies.


Golden Honey Amore Cordi


Our Gina: much meaning in the name, a character sweet as honey and lots of amore for her owners!


  1. DNA

  2. Hips

  3. Social Behavior

  4. Losh Fok

  5. Teeth

  6. Brevet A-Class

  7. LPN1 N/N


Date Show Appriciation Place Judge Comment
29/01/2011 Exposition Canine International Mouscron Excellent 1   CACIB
29/12/2010 Hagelandse Kerstshow Excellent 1    
11/09/2010 INTERNAT. DAG VAN DE LEONBERGER clubshow België Sufficient      
22/08/2010 Sint-Romboutstrofee Excellent 1    
04/07/2010 Grote prijs van Limburg Very good 1    
02/05/2010 Show BRABO Antwerpen Very good 2    
10/01/2010 Schaal der Kempen Very promising 1   BEST PUPPY
26/12/2009 Hageland Kerstshow Very promising 3    
27/09/2009 Leonberg (D) Very promising      
05/09/2009 Leonberger clubshow Very promising