Le 12 mars 2019, Noor Lions from D’Es et Clooney Crazy Boy from Various Canine

sont devenus les heureux parents de 4 mâles et 9 femelles. Les chiots et maman font bien.



Leo-pups N6 Irawadi et Konnor, week 9

Hey everybody! We have received wonderful news from the new owners of our brothers and sisters. They're all doing excellent! We miss them a little (well actually, a lot) and we do hope to find a good home and nice owners for ourselves too! Meanwhile, we're able to play with the puppies of Norse Saga and Ghost! And you know what: we even get to run around in the big yard with all of our aunties as well! That's fun! We're learning a lot of new things, being helped by all the members of the dogfamily, who are supervising.