The 3th of January 2019, Princess Sissi Lions from D’Es and Clooney Crazy Boy from Various Canine

became the happy parents of 2 males and 4 females. Puppies and mom are doing well.


Saint Valentine has concentrated hese arrows on Noor Lions from D’Es and Crazy Boy from Various Canine.

Noor Lions from D’Es has been covered on the 8th,9th, 10th, 11th of January 2019 by her loverboy Crazy Boy from Various Canine.

Let’s hope that Valentine has done his best and that we we’ll soon get good news…



Sunday 3th of November 2018 Litter R 7 is socializing at the dogschool.

Dear fans,

All the puppies are doing very well. Today our smallest goblins from the litter R 7 have been on school trip. It was very cold and everything was frozen and white, so it was more like going on “snow classes”.

Every puppy had a cap on and they were very enthousiast when they took their place in the Leomobile. Whauw, that’s funny, the engine makes a lot of noise and we are swinging from here to there.

It was warm and nice in the canteen of the dogschool,of course, we got a lot of attention. Especially from the kids.

Some puppies from the litter R 5, who are in the meanwhile already 10 weeks were following their first lesson on the square. We, the R 7tjes were watching them with admiration, they really do their very best.

We nearly can not wait to go to school ourselves.

In the meanwhile, Luc had brought mom Nice into the canteen,and what a surprise when dad Paco arrived to greet us. Whauw, how great he is !!