Still one male and one female available from the Litter Nice Lions from D’Es and Paco du Plateau Bavarois. Born on the 15th of September 2018

Saturday 3th of March 2018 Dogshow International in Genk

We,the three of us, Crazy Boy, Sissi and Oeps take our place in the Leomobile, yes, yes, we are happy to participate to the show today !!

It’s the Judge Kazmierski (PL) who judges the 23 present Leonbergers and who gives our dogs the following results and places :

Crazy Boy From Various Canine in Junior Class Males : 1st Place – Excellent – Ambiorix Junior Winner 2018.

Princess Sissi Lions from D’Es in Intermediate Class Females : 1st place – Excellent – RCAC

Oeps Lions from D’Es in Champion Class Females : 1st Place - Excellent – BOS – CAC –Ambiorix Winner 2018.

Bravo ! Bravo ! Bravo !  What a performance ! 3 X GOLD for the Lions from D’Es