Princess Sissi Lions from D’Es and Crazy Boy from Various Canine have become the proud parents of one female.

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Great news !!!

Princess Sissi Lions from D’Es is pregnant, the futur dad is Crazy Boy from Various Caninne allias George Clooney, he is very proud to announce you this great news !!

The birth is expected around the 3th of November 2019.

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Reservations are possible






Litter S 4 Persilla and Clooney socialisation

Hello everyone, everything goes very well with us. We are intelligent, and we learn a lot of new things. They call it…socialisation…but that means working very hard for us, and discovering lots of things !!

So saturady we went all together for the first time to the dogschool. Of course our mom and dad were with us to keep an eye on us.

One by one, we got our place into the Leomobile. And then…the great moment…Vroumm, vroumm, and off we go…

Oei, oei,  it tickles in our bellies, when the Leomobile takes a corner and drives over the little hill to the dog school.

Once arrived there, everyone gave us a warm welcome, we stayed together in the canteen and all the people and even the dogs admired us. We got many carresses and everyone took pictures of us. All these adventures were very tiring for us, but it was certainly a nice experience !!