Bravo ! Bravo !  Persilla Lions from D’Es and Crazy Boy from Various Caninne give birth to 4 males and 5 females + 1 female Surprise

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Friday the 1st of March and Saturday the 2th of March, the puppies of Sissi and Crazy Boy (Clooney) are leaving

  • Rood lintje Sparta(cus) Lions from D' Es
  • Geel lintje Sari Lions from D' Es
  • Blauw lintje Shankha Lions from D' Es
  • Licht blauw lintje Sofia Lions from D' Es
  • Groen lintje Star Dust Lions from D' Es
  • Zwart lintje Shado Lions from D' Es

The moment has come, the puppies of mom Princess Sissi and dad Crazy Boy from Various Canine, the S 1tjes, are leaving.

After having played together one more time, all the puppies are ready for the great adventure…

It has been a busy but such a beautiful time together, we will miss the busy crowd.

We wish all the puppies a lot of success and a happy and healthy doglife.

We will meet from time to time…

Sweet kisses dear brothers and sisters.