Great news !!!

Princess Sissi Lions from D’Es is pregnant, the futur dad is Crazy Boy from Various Caninne allias George Clooney, he is very proud to announce you this great news !!

The birth is expected around the 3th of November 2019.

Communicate it worldwide !!

Reservations are possible

Bravo ! Bravo !  Persilla Lions from D’Es and Crazy Boy from Various Caninne give birth to 4 males and 5 females + 1 female Surprise

Reservations are possible






Golden Honey Amore Cordi


Our Gina: much meaning in the name, a character sweet as honey and lots of amore for her owners!


  1. DNA

  2. Hips

  3. Social Behavior

  4. Losh Fok

  5. Teeth

  6. Brevet A-Class

  7. LPN1 N/N


Date Show Appriciation Place Judge Comment
29/01/2011 Exposition Canine International Mouscron Excellent 1   CACIB
29/12/2010 Hagelandse Kerstshow Excellent 1    
11/09/2010 INTERNAT. DAG VAN DE LEONBERGER clubshow België Sufficient      
22/08/2010 Sint-Romboutstrofee Excellent 1    
04/07/2010 Grote prijs van Limburg Very good 1    
02/05/2010 Show BRABO Antwerpen Very good 2    
10/01/2010 Schaal der Kempen Very promising 1   BEST PUPPY
26/12/2009 Hageland Kerstshow Very promising 3    
27/09/2009 Leonberg (D) Very promising      
05/09/2009 Leonberger clubshow Very promising